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DirectOut - SPLIT.Converter optical

DirectOut - SPLIT.Converter optical

MADI Format converter Multimode (4x optical) and splitter

The SPLIT.CONVERTER is a combined MADI format converter and signal splitter. It allows for both conversion of optical MADI signals into coaxial signals and vice-versa without any delay. Using the straight-forward input selector each MADI output port can be fed by any input port. All ports are independent from each other allowing the SPLIT.CONVERTER to route and convert up to four asynchronous MADI streams at the same time.

The Routing-Matrix is bit transparent and works without delay. All common Sample Rates (up to 192 kHz) and MADI formats (48k/96k Frame, 56/64 channels) are supported and will be passed through unchanged. Thus it is possible to convert and route proprietary data formats (like Digidesign's Venue Snake) as well.

Price:1.391,50 (Including VAT at 21% For EU)

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