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Welcome to SFB Electronics

We are specialized in digital audio, video and broadcast products, but offer also a complete range of products needed to get your music studio started. With over 25 years experience in the broadcast world we don't just sell things, but also give you extremely good aftersales service. Just ask our customers.....

Need a broadcast or studio product not mentioned on this site or a specific item or just technical advice e-mail us and you will be surprised of the things we can do for you.

New Products

Joeco - BBR64-MADI

Joeco - BBR64-MADI

(Incl. 21% VAT for EU)

Based on the award-winning, tried and tested BlackBox Recorder design, the new BLACKBOX BBR64-MADI RECORDER is designed to record and replay up to 64 channels of MADI data and yet still only occupies one unit of rack space! The recorder can capture the full 64 channels at standard sample rates directly to Broadcast WAV files on an external USB2 drive. Double sample rate MADI recording (up to 96kHz) is also accommodated.

The recorder sports both coaxial and optical MADI connections for interfacing with any MADI equipped console or other equipment. Additionally, the BBR64-MADI caters for 56-channel legacy MADI and can record a further 8 channels of analogue (balanced line in) for capturing the audience reaction or general ambience.

The BBR64-MADI will lock to or generate word clock, as well as locking to the received MADI data stream. The MADI input is echoed direct to the output to ease system integration. In addition to the PFL bus providing both hi-resolution metering and headphone monitoring, an additional “mix” feature has been added to the headphone output.
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RME - Madiface XT

RME - Madiface XT

(Incl. 21% VAT for EU)

394-Channel 192 kHz USB 3.0 Audio Interface

Not only the World‘s First USB 3.0 Audio Interface but incombination with a Matrox intrerface you can connect to Thunderbolt

The RME MADIface XT is the world’s first USB3 audio interface - and the world’s smallest portable interface that provides access to

hundreds of audio channels in such a small package. For highest usability and connectivity the XT can also be used with USB 2.0

(computer I/O limited to 70 channels). Its unique PCI Express port connects to External PCI Express cards as well as adapters to Thunderbolt,

providing all the fastest interfacing technologies available for maximum channel count and lowest latency in one unit.

I/O Connectivity

196 Input / 198 Output channels

2 x MADI I/O optical

1 x MADI I/O coaxial

2 x Analog Mic/Line Preamp Input (XLR/TRS)

4 x Analog Output (Main XLR + Phones)

1 x AES/EBU I/O via breakout cable

1 x MIDI I/O via breakout cable

3 x virtual MIDI I/O via MADI I/O

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SFB - Bi-directional Toslink optical cable extender set

SFB - Bi-directional Toslink optical cable extender set

(Incl. 21% VAT for EU)

Set consisting of 2 devices and 2 power supplies.

Extend the length of your optical audio connection up to 150 meter/ 450 FT by using these interfaces that connect through standard CAT5 network cable.

Ideal in buildings with standard network outlets. No cable hassle anymore or being limited to the maximum of 10 meter optical cable length that Toslink specifies.

Having a tbi-directional system also reduces the amount of interfaces that you need. It is even possible to power both devices from only one side, The other device will receive the power over the CAT5 connection.

Another option is to make a distribution setup in your building with these devices. The units can be set in a mode that provides the toslink input signal to the CAT connection and also the optical output. This optical output then feeds another set and so.

The set is transparant for and can be used for SPDif, ADAT and Dolby Digital use and has been manufactured by us in The Netherlands.
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